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Real Roses that last 365 Days | 25% OFF AT CHECKOUT

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*Note: Every arrangement is unique. As our roses and hydrangeas are 100% real [excluding SILK flowers] they do vary in color, shade, shape and size. Colors can range than shown in photos provided on site (Ex. Lighter or Darker). Each arrangement is custom made by a florist, in which they may make any adjustments they deem fit. This can include trimming of roses or change to similar color. Real Rose petals may curl on the ends, some more than others, curling petals is normal.


Do Saaya Roses Really Last?

YES! Our roses are made to last for a year with proper care and maintenance. Kindly note, due to time and environmental conditions such as home heating, artificial lighting, sunlight and so on, the rose color can begin to fade sooner than expected. Rose scent is added (Not including clear case box, or silk roses), so enjoy the scent while it lasts, as the scent is temporary.

With that being said, the roses can last for a year and even longer without wilting!

[excluding SILK flowers] 


Which Roses Hold Color The Longest?

All rose colors naturally fade/change over time, as they are 100% real, and may fade/change prior to the 1 year mark. Due to multiple factors such as but not limited to: environmental, sunlight and harsh lighting. Rose color fading/changing can occur with Saaya Roses. With that being said, the ones which typically hold their color longer than others are: Red, Metallics (Silver, Rose Gold, Gold), Black and White.

[excluding SILK flowers]


What Are Metallic Roses? (Gold, Rose Gold and Silver) -

The rose itself (Typically a White rose, under the coating) is 100% real, with a paint coating! Note: The non painted, inner petals, or some outer parts of the rose may show the natural white rose color. Our metallics are prone to larger cracks or small chips due to; paint, movement and naturally overtime. 

Cracks or chips in petals will not effect the life of the roses.


How are Saaya Roses shipped?

All preserved rose box arrangements have special packaging to prevent damage, as these are delicate roses! All arrangements are tightly packed. In which, upon delivery with clean and dry fingertips, you may lightly fluff the roses if needed (Do not tug or pull). After the initial fluff, we do not recommend touching the roses.

Our petals/roses are not glued/adhered into the Clear Case boxes (Clear Box with drawer and lid). As stated in the product description manual adjusts upon arrival are required as they are 100% loosely arranged into the box. With the said, the Clear Case box is packaged with plenty of protection.

Our affordable Saaya Silk flowers are shipped in bubble mailers, as these are not real roses they can handle rougher adjustments upon arrival - if needed.

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