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REAL ROSES & HYDRANGEAS THAT LAST 365 DAYS.  Fast Worldwide Shipping. Buy now, Pay Later 

Clear Rose & Petal Box

$120.00 $170.00

Box Color:
Small Clear Box
Large Clear Box
Rose & Rose Petal Color:
Blush Pink
Baby Yellow
Purple Haze
Mint Green
Orange Coral

$120.00 $170.00


100% Real Roses & Hydrangeas That Last 365 Days.


Our exclusive Rose & Rose Petal box is the perfect keepsake! Beautifully store away your jewellery, makeup or just about anything you can think of!


Note - Roses and Petals are NOT glued down, this arrangement will require manual adjustments upon delivery, instructions will be included. As well, These boxes have been used in our photo shoots, which have scratches/cracks or slight damage to the box.


Medium rose size is used, may have slight cracking, which does not affect the life. Bottom of roses and rose petals may fade into a lighter or yellow shade, which is completely normal. Petals may be mixed with lighter shades if florists deems fit.


Material: high quality acrylic box with a pull out drawer.



Small - 5.5" (W) x 5.5 (L) x 4.5" (H)

Large - 10" (W) x 10" (L) x 5" (H)


Rose and rose petals:

Small - 10 to 14 (Rose and Rose Petals)

Large - 20 to 27 (Rose and Rose Petals)

Available Colors of Flowers: White, Blush Pink, Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple, Champagne, orange & Mint Green


**No scent added, loose petals and roses, will require manual adjustment**

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