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REAL ROSES & HYDRANGEAS THAT LAST 365 DAYS.  Fast Worldwide Shipping. Buy now, Pay Later 

Hydrangea Rose Box (medium) - Hydrangea & Rose Collection

Box Size: L8" x W8" x H6.5"

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Box Color:
Black Box
White Box
Hydrangea & Rose Color:
Sky Blue

100% Real Roses & Hydrangeas That Last 365 Days.

Give someone special, or yourself, a gift that lasts with our eco-friendly preserved roses & hydrangeas that last 365 days! Perfect for home decor, weddings, anniversaries, gender reveals, gifts, special occasions and just about anything you can think of.

Box Material: classic 

Box Color: white or black

Box Size: L8" x W8" x H6.5"

Color: White, Pink and Blue

This is a unique display of beauty with artistically placed high and low blooms. Create an impression with this one of kind Sy-rangea Box.

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